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Using two hole Tallis koton


I was at a sale of tallisim recently and the supply was low. I found begadim for a tallis koton, but they were the Chassidishe type (two holes in each corner) while I tie Ashkenazi tzitzis through only one hole. Is there any issue in using the beged and just using one hole in each corner as normal and ignoring the other hole?
Thanks a lot.


There is no problem with ignoring the second hole. The hole that the tzitzis should be inserted should be preferably between 4-6 cm (from the end of both the width and length of the cloth), while between 4-5 cm is best. My understanding is that when they make the Chassidishe tzistzis, they make both holes between 4-6 cm., therefore it would be better to insert the tzitzis into the hole that is closer to the corner. ( Don’t take my word as psak halacha, but measure it yourself to make sure that this is the way the holes of the tzitzis that you bought were made that way).


Piskei Teshuvos 11-20

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