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Dear Rabbi,

Can you comment on New Zealand which currently offers a silver one ounce coin that has the yad hey vav hey written on the bottom of a dead looking tree on the coin? I have thought clearly this is silver that I will not wish to own. Why is New Zealand chancing that a jew or anyone has a right to own a coin with Hebrew of Hashem’s name written? It is very much a holocaust issue because as a servant, I can attest that the coin can be melted down and the holy hebrew name can be defamed. Has this been an attention that Israel has offered the New Zealand mint any recourse? This is a strong feeling that we are still living with an intense hate from any people and that by writing such a name in hebrew on silver we are not being given rich respect as jews. Clearly a christian motive. This is a very harsh manner that I find in looking for silver to discuss.

And if it has not been widely noted, perhaps some note is due. This is horrendous.

Sincerely yours,


While I am not familiar with such a coin, I do hear your point, however I don’t think that you will be able to discuss this or change the coins in New Zealand. It may also be a religious thing to do, although we would never do something like that. We all wait for the day that Moshiach will come and we will be able to mint our own Jewish coins in the correct way.

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