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Dairy garlic bread


How is it possible that all the garlic breads in pizza stores in israel are forced by badatz to be made with milk to be mezonot isn’t it prohibited to make or eat dairy bread?


We are not affiliated with Badatz Eida Hacharedis, so we can not verify that indeed the pizza stores are forced to make milchig bread. However essentially here are two main permitting factors that would permit one to back milchig bread. Either if the amount of bread baked was not more than what the person needs for a single meal for his family. Or if the bread would be baked with a symbol, of a sticker or special shape to it. Since it looks different and people will know not to eat this bread with a meat meal. It could be that they either have a special shape for their garlic bread, or they have a sticker on it stating that the bread is milchigs.


Y:D 97-1.

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