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Davening Barefoot


I recently saw a ruling that davenning barefoot is not permitted (in response to a question about learning Torah barefoot). Does that hold for davenning at home without a minyan, as well? That is, if I am davenning in my own home and we do not wear shoes in the home, must I put on a pair of socks before davenning?


When we daven we are considered as standing and talking to H-shem, therefore out of respect we are to be dressed as if we were having a meeting with a dignitary. Meaning that we are to be dressed respectfully, in a way that we would appear when talking to such a dignitary (not shabbos clothes etc., but in a respectful manner). Being that we don’t live in Africa or in a country that it is normal to walk around and even appear in front of an important person without shoes or socks therefore even when davening at home we should daven with our feet covered, with socks and shoes, because we wouldn’t appear that way for a dignified meeting.



O:CH 91-5, M:B ibid13, Aruch Hashulchan 91-5, Eishei Yisroel 10-6. According to some poskim a woman may daven at home when dressed in a way that she would greet an important guest that comes to her home.

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