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Followup Question To Onah for Veset


Following up on this question- There is no haflaga bec. the veset only came back once after birth. Are you saying I need to keep 30 and 31 for 3 months and then I can stop till it comes again?

My veset came back around 11 weeks after birth (possibly bec. I was giving too many bottles) Then I started nursing again more often and so far it has not returned again. (I am not expecting) My baby is 4 months now. It may not return again until I stop nursing at around a year or so. Do I need to keep the onos (30 and 31) throughout this year bec. of this one time that the veset came or can I forget about it

You don’t have to keep onot for the whole year, but you do have to keep the regular onot for this period. Meaning that you keep 30, 31 and the haflagah for this period. If you will not see for the next two months you don’t have to keep the 30th day after the 30th day, but you do have to keep the day of the haflagah from the day that you did see. The difference between a woman that is nursing, etc. and a regular woman is if she had a veset kavuah, but fregarding a veses sheino kavua she still has to keep the onot, like a veses sheino kavua


Correct, she does not have to check herself regarding the haflagah, because she doesn’t have one yet. Regarding the onah benonis and yom hachodesh she only has to check herself at the next month and not for three months. What I meant by writing that if she didn’t see for the next two months, was that if it is already day 60 from the first veses, that she does not have to be choshesh for the next onah benonis.



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