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frying pan kashrus status


A few pieces of rice that was being warmed up together with chicken flew out of the pot and into a empty milchig frying pan. What is the status of the frying pan? i’m not sure if the pan had actual milchig in the previous 24 hrs


It should be kashered, even though the pan was not used fo 24 hours before the rice fell into it. The reason being is that the rice that did fall into it still made a small part of the pan fleishig. Since the rice the flew on to the pan was not considered a kli rishon, but only iruy kli rishon, therefore the pan can be kashered by cleaning the area that the rice touched, and pouring boiling water over it, (iruy kli rishon). Then the area should be rinsed with cold water and the pan is good to use.


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