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Whats the beracha of a baked home made protien bar


ingriedients:5 cups oat flour – 700g
2 cups peanut butter 100% – 500g
1 cup silan 100% – 340g
½ cup almonds – 50g
½ cup walnuts – 60g
½ cranberries – 60g
¼ cup chia seed – 40g
¼ cup flaxseed – 28g

Just mixed and baked for 20 min.

Whats the beracha?


The bracha would be Mezonos. The reason being that there is a considerable amount of oat flour, and when there is flour in the recipe, and it isn’t there just for body, it become the “ikar” and the bracha will be attributed to it.


O:CH 208-2.

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  1. Surly the only liqueds that are used are classified as mey peiros, i dont use any water.
    Does that not make any difference?

    What would the beracha be if the bars are made raw(non baked)?

    1. No, It might make a difference if there would be a question of hamotzei, but that is not the case here. Now we are only discussing ikar v’tofel.
      If the bars would be raw then the bracha on the flour would be shehakol.

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