I cooked vegetables in a milky pan which hadn’t been used for over 24 hours. Can I eat the left overs with a meaty meal?


Yes it is permitted. The reason being that the vegetables only absorbed taste from a milky pot, which is considered a nat bar nat, (a double absorbed taste) and even according to the rema that holds that we may not eat uch a food together with the opposite type of food, he agrees that if the pot wasn’t used for 24hrs. that it is permitted. This is retrospect, that the food was already cooked, however we shouldn’t cook the food in a milky pot with the intention to eat it with meat.



Rema Y;D 95-1.

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2 Responses to “Eating vegetables cooked in milky pan”

  1. Following on from this if vegetables were cooked on a milk tray in an otherwise parev oven can you eat leftovers with meat?

    • Yes, if the tray was not used for 24hrs. prior to cooking the vegetables, and it wasn’t cooked with the intention to eat the vegetables with meat.

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