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Any known Halacha, for serving foods in kosher dishes for a secular Jew.


A secular Jew, who consumed non kosher food – before he/she arrived at your house (to take part as a guest) and you get lost for a second. Do I serve him/her with my kosher dinnerware or not. For instance, plates, knifes, forks, spoons, cups, etc. Does it anywhere state in the Torah a mandatory restriction (towards refraining to serve from your kosher dinnerware) or it doesn’t pertain to you in any form ( and to just serve them regularly with your dishes). How to deliver the most best for a person, who doesn’t take part in category of kosher eating? How to serve him polity and amazingly without isolating him/her from amongst the observant crowd?



You can serve your guest normally on your regular dishes and you don’t have to worry about his eating from them. Even though he ate non kosher before he came, there is no concern that the non kosher food will find it’s way on to your dishes, and make any issues.


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