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treif lid on kosher pot


A treif lid (ben-yomo) that’s still hot was placed on a kosher pot with cooked cauliflowers in it. The pot with the cauliflowers was not yad-soledes bo and the liquid has been poured out before the treif lid was placed on it.
Afterward, the cauliflowers were fried in a separate frying pan.
If you could tell us what’s the din of the cauliflowers. And if either the kosher pot or the frying pan needs koshering?
Thank you


Since the pot and cauliflower were not hot, and only the lid was hot, therefore the cauliflower and frying pan are fine. Regarding the pot-  the rim of the pot, where the lid touched it would need hagalah of iruy kli rishon. Therefore clean off he rim of the pot, and just pour boiling water from another pot over the rim, then rinse it with cold water and it is fine.

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