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Women’s voting rights and vote


Dear Rabbi,

I have some odd thoughts these days that our world in the early 1900s which granted women the right to vote may have been a pure liberal advantage that might require some halachaic discussion and conversation. If a jew wants to run for office today, he may not be able to do so if he is shomer negiah. Women have a right to vote and will discriminate because he will not shake hands.

In more essence, in all legal thought. A woman who is her husbands authority and otherwise her father’s will by religious decree a must to vote as her father or husband. In essence, the 19th amendment and women’s suffrage allows the man to have 1-6 or more votes all by his procreation. He is ensured a second vote by marriage and he will have wise procreative honor to any daughter his own vote a probability by which if the daughter is an obedient jew, she must share her fathers vote. He is the head of the household and he is to be respected for his Torah authority. A woman to dispute his credential to vote is a woman who is against her family matter. He is the head of the household.

In turn, by the 19th Amendment, man is not given equality by that which Hashem offers. Proper family.

It is odd, but I never thought that I would have disputed any liberal scientific advance. But today, I feel more conservative and wonder if this is a discussion.

Oddly, one sees that over the years since suffragette movements, there has been all more immodest wear, hard more abominable tattoos and harsh displays of even anarchy in our world. In any sense, could have the world bias in the early 19th century to 20th century have not liberate managed the fate of the world for women but made the authority of the father and husband a dismal shame to deem and imagine? Religious discussion notes that the daughter must obey her fathers wishes.

In any sense. I am not sure I am ready to push this one forward in any sense, but I sense it is a commodity to discuss. Odd and very odd.

Would the 19th Amendment keep Israel from having a Temple?

Would the 19th Amendment contribute to the immodest? We never saw women acting as they do until they are doing things like the Women at the Wall and other odd movements?

I love my mother and I do admire her zeal to the polls. My only thought is that if there is such a push to abolish the 2nd Amendment; why not discuss another for conservative manner.

I would think this is a matter of halacha and I am yet to know what Israel said among our rabbis in early 20th century when this was a matter.

Of note of the ages, we have not had a president with a beard or facial hair since Taft. He was about that time. Mr. Woodrow Wilson is the beginning of men to shave. It has been full until even today. We had men always who shaved prior to the civil war. Perhaps Hashem would not give us a full image of the man when there was slavery. Upon Emancipation, all men in office until Taft had a beard. Perhaps this is odd, but maybe the 19th Amendment returned us to the faces of men with slavery looks. A no beard man.

Hard to imagine that we are not under authority of heaven. Why not add this to a discussion. It seems rabbinic and if a 19th Amendment was wrong, why not discuss. Its odd since the world is very liberal. One thinks sometimes man is safer from violence but maybe not at all from abominations.

I wonder.

Many thanks.


It is true that the role of the man of the house has changed drastically in the last 100 years. Where the man’s opinion would have had much more authority a hundred years ago, now things are very different. Yes it is true that many of the ideas and values that we have nowadays are contrary to torah values and would not have had a place in the temple. Nevertheless we have to live with the current reality and deal with it to the best of our abilities. Right now if our women would vote for the right causes it would help us, therefore they should vote, and we should use the opportunity that these situations present us.

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