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Dear Rabbi,

When we study the reform today, we note so many who are off the kilter of even basic jewish tenets. There is nil mikveh use and full ascribed any meal any meal.

How many generations before this will ever stop? I see it as the Second Holocaust.

In any sense, we can hope that our faith can improve as more find internet sources and synagogue to find their way back. Do you have statistics on the ba’al teshuvah movement and how often a jew can begin a journey to kosher and return after being shocking added to any such reform or conservative community? I am curious the extent we have seen return as to day and to date I have yet to see any or many others and have few other stories than my own of the direct harm of neshama harm by forced feeding of blood and abomination as well as any other spiritual error. The gay communities are so gay to their delight that any child feels its “cool” until ever to learn the full extent of the harm.

This is a Second Holocaust. We no longer [in my thoughts] say Never Again. We now say War.

Thank you.


You are very right, the Reform and Conservative movements have stolen tens or hundreds of thousands of Jewish souls from the Jewish people, due to intermarriage, and it is in a way a second holocaust. As a number of scholars have noted that in a another few generations the Reform and Conservative movement will cease to exist, because they will all be intermarried and uninterested. This is very sad. However as you write, there is a considerable amount of people that are returning to their sources, and there are numerous organizations that help bring lost Jewish souls back, although I don’t know the exact numbers.  We have to try to do what we can, and even for those that are not in a position to bring our brethren closer to their roots, at least we can donate money and offer assistance to those organizations that are  working tirelessly to help save our brothers from assimilation.

Best Wishes


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