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When to light candle for Yizkor


Dear Rabbi,

I was wondering on the precise time to light the Yartzeight candle for yizkor.
I have seen a view which states it should be lit after nightfall on the night before Yizkor.

However, i was wondering if it is also possible to light a 48 hour Yartzeight candle before the first day of yom tov and rely on this candle for Yizkor, or does one need to specially light a separate 24 hour candle for Yizkor?

The reason i ask is that I live alone and sometimes I do light yom tov candles in my house (I usually ask my hosts to light on my behalf and contribute to the costs of the candles). Thus it is sometimes easier for me to light a candle before yom tov and rely on this for when I say yizkor for my parents.

Thank you.


You are very right, if you can light a 48hr candle so that it will be lit from before Yom Tov that is best. Lighting “yizkor candles” on Yom Tov itself is controversial, as there are those of the opinion that yizkor or yahrtzeit candles are not a Yom Tov need, and may not be lit Therefore it is best to light them before Yom Tov. If you can’t light them before Yom Tov, the next best option is to light them in front of the chazan in shul, this way it is being used for a mitzva, however this is not very practical for many people. The next option is to light the candles in a place that you will benefit from them on Yom Tov itself, such as reading by the light of the candles, or place them in a dark room



Biur Halacha 514-5 D:H Ner.

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