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Checking tefillin if they were left in the heat


I am super paranoid of tefillin checking. I checked my tefillin after I just got it and they said the writings inside were of lower quality than what I paid for so he changed it. There was no basis to which to check but ended needing checking. I want to know almost exactly what conditions make tefillin doubtful to be checked. If my tefillin are the hard black case and then in the small pouch and then a hard plastic bag in my car while I’m driving in 70 to 100 degrees is that a problem at all? If i did the same thing but all the windows were up for 5 hours or less is that a problem. It’s covered three times in 70 to 100 degrees weather in the car. Is there any issue to worry about? I’m very paranoid about this because I don’t know the answer to how hot for how long in how many covers. Whether it was in the car while i was driving or parked. Sorry for the lengthiness. Thank you


You should try be careful not to leave your tefillin in hot placed, but even if you did, you do not have to be concerned that the tefillin got ruined in the heat. Unless the tefillin look damaged on the outside, you do not have to worry that something happened to the parshios. If they look ruined on the outside, such as the paint is peeling badly because of the excessive heat exposure, then it is possible that the inside got ruined, otherwise don’t worry about it. Another point make sure that the tefillin are not put in contact with water, as the water can ruin the batim or the parshios.

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R’ Ariel Cohen shlit”a

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