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Holding the Arba Minim during davening?


With the exception of the Amidah and Chazarat HaShatz, is it inappropriate to continue holding on to the Arbaa Minim during the other parts of Tefilla? During Keriat HaTorah/Haftorah? Alenu L’Shabeach? Thank you.


Technically we are allowed to hold the Arba Minim during the whole davening, even during Shemona Esrei. Even though usually we are not allowed to hold anything not related to our davening in our hands when we daven, because it will disturb our concentration, the Arba minim are an exception. However in practical sense we don’t hold them during davening except for during hallel etc. and the reason is because it appears to be haughty, that I can hold the Arba MInim and it won’t disturb my concentration. Therefore even though technically it is permitted practically it is done. ( Even if there are single individuals that will hold them, it is not the accepted thing to do.)


O:CH 652-1, M:B 6, Aruch Hashulchan 652-4.

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