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Shalom thank you for answering my questions so quickly.

  1. Do I need to say bli neder after I say I am going to do something or I will?
  2. If I say what time is it and its not exact is that lying. Should I say “I think” after I answer every question.

Thank you



  1. It is preferable to get into the habit of saying bli neder whenever you say that you are going to do something that might be a mitzva, this way you can rest assured that what you sad will not turn into a neder. This does not mean that whenever you don’t say it that it will automatically become a neder, but it is a good habit to get into.
  2. You do not have to answer the person exactly what time it is, because the person doesn’t really want to know the exact, exact time. (Besides by the time you tell it to the other person the time will have changed!) It is not considered lying because this is the way that people talk, and it is understood that you are telling the person the approximate time.

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