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Can a contractor charge me for work without telling me the price


I hired a contractor to finish my basement. Along the way I added to the job. the contractor did not advise me that I would be charged more for the work I added along the way. Am I required to pay the total bill submitted which includes an additional charge for the added work?

I believe that some of the work could and should have been obtained at a cheaper rate than what I was charged. Do I have to pay what the contractor is charging or can I maintain since it should have been cheaper that I will only pay what I believe a fair market price for the work is? s


Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a

You have to pay the usual price if there is one and if there are a few prices for the same  quality of the work that was done then you are required to pay that . You have to be honest about this and don’t quickly decide what the price. In the future you should not do such a things the Chofetz Chaim writes in 2 places.


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