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Hataras Nedarim


1) if I spaced out for a couple of words by hataras nedarim – but I knew the general inyon of what i was saying is that fine?
Or if I spaced out by a certain sentence but as I finished saying the sentence, the meaning sank in what I said at the beginning of the sentence.
Is all the above fine?

2) by hataras nedarim before we sat down, i specified a kabbala to one of the matirim and not the other two.
I did not even tell the other 2 the fact that I specified a kabbala to the one person.
Is this fine?

Thank you!


  1. It is still considered a valid hataras nedarim, even though you missed out on some of the text. The main part is really the beginning where you state that you want to abolish all of your nedarim.  Even if you “spaced out” for some of it, you are still fine.
  2. The nedarim that you remember, which have to be specifically mentioned, only has to be told to one of the dayanim, therefore you are also good on that point. Sounds like everything is fine. ust it is a good idea to get into the habit of saying bli neder, whenever you do something good or say that you will do something good.
  3.  Best Wishes and have a gmar chasima tova.


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