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Toiveling and using items from before becoming a ger.


I wanted to get clarity around toiveling as I’ve been getting mixed answers. Some people are saying that I cannot toivel items that I used prior to my conversion, others are saying it’s fine?


My apologies that it took some time for me to get back to you.

It isn’t clear to me what these people mean that you can not tovel items used prior to your geirus. Why not? There is controversy if you have to toivel your metal and glass pots and dishes etc. or not, (Some authorities hold that the same way you went through a geirus, your vessels also have to, but others say that your becoming a ger in a way includes your vessels and you don’t have to tovel them.)  But it seem that everyone agrees that they may be used. If these people have an explanation what they mean then we can address their concern, otherwise you should preferably tovel your pots etc., however without making a bracha when doing so,since it is controversial.

If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask again, (and I hope to get back to you sooner).

Have a gmar chasima tova, and a good year.


Chadrei Deah Y:D 120, Lechem V’simla Y:D 1-27, Chasam Sofer Parshas Matos, Shevet Halevi 4-92, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 1-449, Hilchos Geirim 12-49.

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