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Setting water temp in house below Yad soledes to avoid shailos


I’d like to set my water heater below yad soledes to avoid questions when the cleaning help or kids wash dishes. We try to make sure they are careful but it is sometimes confusing for outside help, and we have found that kids can sometimes make errors as well.


Sounds interesting, but you have to remember that the issue with using hot water on Shabbos is because when the hot water is turned on it causes new cold water to enter the hot water tank. This water automatically gets cooked when it comes in contact with the hot water in the tank. Therefore in order to solve this issue, you would have to make sure that the water in the hot water tank will not get above yad soledes bo, and not just that the water exiting the tank. If that is possible it sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know that actual facts.

Have a good Shabbos


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  1. Thanks. I was asking more with regards to when dishes are washed in the sink on weekdays.

    1. If the water coming out of the faucet isn’t yad soledes bo then it would prevent numerous questions.

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