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Do the tzitzit string have to hang off the side of the cloth or the bottom?


You know the strings that come out of the hole on the corner of the zizit? I learnt that it has to be coming out from the side and not directly down like the picture I attached. I want to know if the picture is halachically right. I heard the tassel must not come down but be to the side. thank you


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What you heard is correct. The tzitzit tassels should be hanging off the side of the garment and not hanging down like in the picture. This is why when some people make their own tzitzit, they make the bottom loops, that go around the garment a little snug, so that they will stay coming off the side of the garment and not just hanging down from the bottom. This is the correct way for the tzitzit to be, if however they are not like that and they do hang down the tzitzit are still kosher and may be worn.


O:CH 11-15, M:B ibid 73.

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