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End of Shabbat


Many shuls in the U.S. start maariv around eight minutes before Shabbat is over, so that by the end it will be time for maariv. Doesn’t this create a problem with regard to keriat shema, as keriat shema is read before tzes ha-kokhavim (by a few minutes)? No one has ever assumed that you need to repeat shema again, but why not?


You are bringing up a good point. If indeed the minyan is saying kriyas shema before it is actually nightfall, then everyone has to remember to say kriyas shema again. If people will listen to you, it is a good thing to make an announcement about it.


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  1. Would it make a difference if the time tzeitz that one uses for Shabbos is m’ikar hadin or it is just a chumra of Shabbos? For example, Rav Moshe writes that in New York nacht is 50 minutes after sunset but for Shabbos one should wait 72 as a chumra, so if one follows Rav Moshe’s opinion and let say he davens 60 minutes after sunset so he’ll be finished 72, perhaps one doesn’t have to repeat krias shema as it is after 50 minutes after sunset, but he still waits 72 for Shabbos.

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