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Shalom, I am building a sukkah and I want to make a levud for the walls of my sukkah. I am sephardic, is it okay to use the measurements of the chazon ish for a tefach which is 3.78 inches which leaves me more space between the wood. Is holding like the chazon ish a chumrah for me or following Rav chaim naeh which is 3.15 inches for a tefach. Thank you so much


Using the measurement of the Chazon Ish for this is not a chumrah, but a kula. Therefore if you usually use the measurement of the Chazon Ish, then you can use it even though here it is a d’orayso, but if you don’y usually use it, then you should use the smaller measurement and make sure that it is within 3 tefachim of that measurement.

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