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Tying 4 minim.


Two questions,

  1. I put together my hadasim and aravot and lulav but they seem to be not in their exact position. Like my custom is one hadas in the middle and the other two on the side while the two aravot are on the side. When I put them correctly in place and tie them they look a little mixed. How important is the placing of the arba minim for the validity of the mitzvah.
  2. Also can one use anything to tie the lulav. metal string, cotton string, or rubber band, thread? thank you


  1. The general minhag is three hadasim on the right side and 2 aravos on the left side of the lulav, with the hadasim being higher than the aravos. There are some that do like the Arizal and put one hadas and one arava on the right of the lulav, one hadas and arava to the left, and one hadas facing the person. If you are doing it this way, make sure that the hadas is the one showing and not the arava. This form of arranging the lulav is kabalistic in nature, and if you are having a hard time with it, you can do it the regular way. If the types weren’t set up properly, you are still yotza the mitzva.
  2. Although the minhag is to use something of the arba minim, you may use oither types, because if it is for the beuaty of the four minim, it is not considered a chatzitza.


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