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Netilat Yadayim for french fries with ketchup?


hello, does a person have to wash his hands (netilat yadayim) when he dips food that are meant to be dipped in a liquid. For instance french fries in ketchup? thank you so much


We do not have to wash our hands when eating something that has ketchup on it, based on a combination of reasons. 1. The actual idea of washing our hands on items that are dipped into liquids is controversial, and there are many who have the minhag not to be particular about this. 2. Even according to those who are careful about this, if the “liquid” being used as a dip is mostly other ingredients and not water, we don’t consider the item to be one of the 7 liquids, and it appears that ketchup is not more than 50% water. 2. Even if it would be mostly water, according to other poskim, if the water was cooked together with other items and the liquid doesn’t taste like water it isn’t considered water. Therefore ketchup, which is cooked tomatoes or tomato paste cooked with water, will not be considered one of the 7 liquids, and you would not have to wash your hands before eating the french fries.


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