i ate an omelette fried in a meaty pan, onions and veg were chopped with a meaty knife, am i meaty, or can i now eat lasagne??


Yes you may eat the milky lasagne and you do not have to wait six hours. The reason is that the absorbe taste in the pot and the taste of meat that was absorbed in the onions from the meaty knife are not strong enough to require waiting six hours.


Shulchan aruch Y:D 98-3, Shach ibid 19, R’ Akiva Eiger ibid, Igros Moshe Y:D 2-26, Kovetz Mbais Halevi Y:D pg. 34, Teshuvos V’hanhagos 1-433, Davar Charif 1-10, Pischei Halacha pg. 205.

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