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Mad imprints


Dear Rabbi,

I was a failure of a student in my eyes today because as a child I loved the video arcade. I find that today in davening I am strong but in my own home in my thought I can be interrupted by an interfered light of soul because the images have left imprint in my inner psych. I daven to try to understand our eras and have concluded that as most of these games came from Japan, it is ruinous to our young and taken vast from leadership and faith strength for our nation.

Are there halachaic advisories for gaming today and are we investing in more campaigns to help our young avoid the strain of the kabbalah universe by the introduction of odd video images that when strained further become an inner wall against higher manner?

The thought is that the gaming may ever make the mental image more responsive and if transferred to learning it can have some benefit to a more mathematical calculation of the eye. Yet at the same perhaps a balance is a must need.

Concerns from the rabbinate would be helpful to my insight. Thanks.


You are bringing up an important issue. Yes video games and the like can have a negative effect on the young child’s mind, but on the other hand parents have to be careful that their children don’t have a feeling of being stifled and restricted, as this can cause ill feelings and animosity. Therefore parents have to look for healthy alternatives and games that are not detrimental. In addition each parent has to understand the situation of their child, and work out what is best for their spiritual and mental growth.


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