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Succah on top of metal poles


I purchased my succah about 30 years ago. Metal poles with tarp walls. The tarp walls are tied top and bottom to the metal frame. The schach rests on the metal poles. I hear this is now an issue due to tumah. Is it still kosher as a succah?. Next year, can I place wood beams across the succah, resting on the metal, and put the sechah to rest on that. Would that alleviate the issue ? Thank you


Essentially you should not lean the schach on the metal poles because¬† they are mekabel tumah. However b’dieved the succah was kosher. Looking forward for next year it would be sufficient to place wood beams on top of the metal poles and then put the schach on top of the wood. This is the ruling of the majority of poskim. Although there is an opinion, that even a support of a support should not be of metal, and there are many people in Eretz Yisroel that are careful about this, the general minhag is not this way.


M:B 629-26, 630-59

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