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Hot meat pan on milchig table


If a hot meat aluminum pan is placed on a milchig table (with a paper towel underneath) does this present a halachic issue? What if a few drops of juice/oil from the meat soaked through the paper towel? Can a hot milchig plate subsequently be placed on the table?


My apologies that it took a while to get back to you.

Regarding your question, you may use the table for milchigs. The reason is that when a hot item ( the aluminum pan) is placed on top of a cold one ( the table), we say that the bottom one cools down the upper one, however the upper one can heat the lower one to the depth of a peel. In your case the “peel” here is the paper towel, therefore the table did not receive any absorption of taste, and it does not have to be kashered in order to use it.

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