I don’t know how to properly connect with other people. I am distant. I am constantly glued to my phone/computer (Internet) 24/7 and if not for Shabbos I would probably never put it down and talk to people in real life. I am more comfortable with the safety of the distance of being behind a computer screen or phone. I am anxious talking to people in person or even on the phone in real time. I recently became comfortable with voice notes on WhatsApp. That’s mainly how I talk to my rabbi. Phone conversations are still scary to me. Email is easier. Is this a moral failing? Do we believe that Hashem judges us negatively for these things? I am emotionally distant from my family because of it. I try very hard to stop. I wish so much that I was better. Is it okay to ask
Hashem to make me better? I need an unnatural jump start. I will happily keep going, but right now I am very stuck.


This is one of the big problem of our generation, we are so addicted to our electronic media that we don’t want to deal directly with real people. Try making your self a half hour a day that you will interact with your husband and children, and the computer and cellphone etc. are disconnected from your mind.


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