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Opening the Aron Kodesh for Neila


Is there a mekor for people spending a lot of money to buy pesicha neila? Is there a mekor that it is a segula for success in all areas of life?


According to kaballah it is a big zechus. It is brought from the Arizal (regarding opening the Aron Hakodesh for Kol Nidrei), that he should buy taking the sefer torah out of the Aron Hakodesh for Kol Nidrei for any money that they will ask from him. There are those that have the minhag to buy it for a lot of money, however I haven’t found that it says this segula.


Pri Eitz Chaim (Yom Hakippurim)-2, Nitei Gavriel Yom Kippur 64-ftnt 36

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