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Spouse doesnt want to keep niddah


Hi I a very frum guy in kollel. We just finished shana reshona. My wife has long periods and short cycle for example start bleeding in the early 20 with shiva nekiem that leaves us little or no days. We went to doctors and noone was able to help us, to top it all my wife gets severely depressed from any form of hormonal therapy. She is frustrated and wants to stop keeping niddah. I fear that I may chas v’shalom be nichshel myself. We are already seeing a marriage therapist.
Do you have any advice what I can tell her, or how I can help her, and how I can make sure to stay strong myself


This sounds pretty serious. This must be terribly frustrating for both of you, and a tremendous nisayon. There are things that you can tell her to help her to be mechazek her regarding the frustration that she is going through, however what is most important is to try and get you some help. There are organizations that specialize in helping people in your type of situation, such as Tahareinu. You can call them at 855-482-4272. If for any reason that doesn’t work, please get back to us, and we will work from there.

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