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Burning challah


Hi. My wife has started to separate challah and she is struggling to burn it. We don’t have a gas stove top so there is no easy access to a suitable flame. She has been placing it in the oven on a high temperature.

Question 1: how burnt does the challah need to be? Does it need to be blackened right to the middle?
Question 2: it takes a very long time for the challah to burn, even when the oven is set to the highest temperature. Is it permissible to break u the challah into small pieces so that they burn more quickly?

Thank you very much


The challah, even inside has to be burnt to the degree that it is no longer edible. The challah can be broken into small pieces so that it will burn better. You just have to be careful when handling the challah after separating it, that any of the dough that is “challah” should not get accidently eaten, by getting stuck to your fingers and finding it’s way into your mouth etc. As a piece of practical advice, if the piece of challah will be made as flat as you can, it will dry out and burn a lot faster.

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