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Eating non kosher or on Yom Kippur


  1. If you ate something not kosher and you didn’t finish digesting it yet, should you make yourself throw up? Does it make a difference if you realized after you ate it that is wasn’t kosher, or if you ate non kosher on purpose and then had charata? Should you ever make yourself throw up?
  2. What if you ate on Yom Kippur? Would throwing up save you from it and make it as if you didn’t eat?


  1. A person that ate something that is not kosher, is not obligated to throw up the food that was eaten, however it would a good idea to do so. This is because non kosher food that is ingested can cause “timtum halev”, (a spiritual hardening of the heart) making it more difficult for the person to feel and understand spiritual things. The idea being that the tuma of the non kosher food is now permeating the person’s body, which harms the person spiritually. The timtum halev factor will not matter whether the food was eaten on purpose or not, the point is that the non kosher food is in his body, and effecting it.
  2. Regarding a person that mistakenly ate on Yom Kippur. Although it is controversial if the prohibition is not to enjoy the eating or also not to enjoy the feeling of having the ingested food, one who accidentally at on Yom Kippur does not have throw up the food.

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  1. It says that on Yom Kippur it is actually FORBIDDEN to induce vomiting, lest he swallow some of the vomit.

    There is a famous story with a well-known Rosh Yeshiva who accidentally drank cholov stam and then induced vomitng

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