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Mother’s name on matzeva and not father’s name


I recently saw many tombstone inscriptions from Bratislava (Pressburg), and all mention the mother’s name and not the father. I’d like to know the source & origin of the minhag (I think it is because the niftar is going to the עולם האמת, and the only certainty is the mother).
Pressburg was heavily influenced by the Chasam Sofer, so I wonder if he is the source.
Thank you.
David Dubin


It seems that the various minhagim are based on the various minhagim of how to daven for a sick or a departed person. Some have the minhag of using the persons mothers name and some have the minhag of using the fathers name. On the other hand there are those that even though they use the mothers name when davening for a sick person, however after the person died, the fathers name is used, I don’t know the source of the minhag in the Pressberg cemetery.


Divrei Sofrim 68 ftnt 14.

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