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Working as a fashion designer, what to consider?


Hi, I studied Fashion Design and became a Ba’al Teshuva at the same time.

Now I would like to look for a job (outside of Israel). In terms of keeping with Halacha, what would I be forbidden to design if working for a company located in place where non-Jews are the majority?


My apologies that it took a while to get back to you.

From your question, it is evident that you have a special sensitivity to keeping the halacha and to do what it right. My assumption is that you are asking what you have to be careful about when designing clothing that is immodest, and that you may be causing people to dress immodestly. From a technical halachic standpoint, designing improper attire would not be outright lifnei iver (placing a stumbling block for another person) and prohibited, because you are not the one that  is actually making the immodest clothing, you are only giving the person making it the ideas. Nevertheless, even if it is technically not prohibited, it is incorrect to be involved in creating items that bring down the level of morality in the world. Therefore look for some type of job that you will not be contributing to lowering the level of morality, but something that won’t have this issue, such as designing coats, pocketbooks, men’s clothing etc.

May H-shem send you to an appropriate job, and job setting, and He should shower you with lots of parnassa.

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  1. Thank you very much for answering my question.

    This is very helpful!

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