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Mixing cold spicy food in Pareve bowl with milk utensil


We have accidentally used a clean milk fork to mash cold avocado and garlic in a porcelain Pareve bowl. Is the bowl now permanently considered milchig? Or could there be a way to revert it to the Pareve status?


It does not have to be kashered and it may be used. This is for a combination of reasons. One reason is that although we try to be careful not to cut sharp items with a milchig knife on a pareve cutting board, it retrospect, if it was already done we will not say that the cutting board became milchig. Secondly, you weren’t cutting with a knife, where the point has a lot of pressure on the sharp item. Here, but only mashing the avocado with a fork and the pressure was not that much, especially if the avocado was not hard. Therefore you may continue using your bowl without a problem.

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M’bais Halevi (Inyonei Y:D) pg. 35 (9), Poskim.

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