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Female hair removal



As a single girl who has dark hair I have been using laser and other hair removal treatments. I was wondering if I’m allowed to remove hair on all parts of my body or if there are certain parts that females should not remove hair from? (I know that people are stringent to remove hair before going to the mikveh if they would be removing it anyway so as a single girl who hopes to get married soon I wanted to verify that it is okay to remove from any body parts I choose )

Thank you very much for clarifying!


You can remove any hair from your body that you choose. The prohibition that men should not remove certain body hair is because it is a womanly thing to do, and we are commanded not to dress like the opposite gender. If you usually remove hair from certain parts of your body it will become a chatzitza for using the mikva, therefore those hairs should be removed beforehand.


Mareh Kohen 7-4.

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