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Mincha Maariv



1) Is there a maalah to daven mincha right before shekia (and maybe finishing right after shekia) and then wait a few minutes for shekia to daven maariv? Or since we are relying on tefillat btzibbur before shekia, after shekia does not matter when we daven maariv?

2) I have heard the Gra held it is better to daven byechidus after tzeis than with minyan before tzeis. Source?

3) If one davens maariv early and it is no longer rosh chodesh, does he stop saying yaaleh v’yavo?

If possible to quote all sources and even further argument about davening mincha maariv together would be much appreciated.



  1. It is hard to understand your question. If you daven mincha after plag hamincha you cannot daven maariv until after tzeis, because otherwise you are doing like opposing opinions at the same time.
  2. Regarding maariv, I am not aware of such a Gr”a. The Gr”a says something similar to this regarding not to daven mincha after shkiya, and that it is better to dven b’yyechidus than after shkiya,.
  3. Yes, since he already davened maariv, he already made it like the next day, therefore he will not say ya’aleh v’yavo in bentching.

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  1. O:CH 233-1.
  2. See Sharei Tzion 233-18.
  3. Magen Avrohom 419-1, M:B 424-2.

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  1. the Biur Halacha in siman 235 sif 1 brings from the maase rav os 65 that the Gra held it is better to daven maariv bizmano even if you will have to daven beyechidus

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