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Brocho achroneh on mezones and shehakol


Dear Rabbi

When one eats something that requires the brocho mezones and also eats something that needs a brocho shehakol, does one need always need to make Al Hamichio on the mezones and borei nefoshes on the shehakol or are there cases where the Al Hamichio includes the shehakol?

Thank you


In general borei nifashos and al hamichya are two separate brachos and one does not include the other. If you have a specific case that you are not sure about it can be discussed separately. There are in fact times when the borei nefashos will include food that was mezonos, such as if one ate half a kzayis of cake and half a kzayis of corn, the bracha achrona will be only borei nefashos.


M:B 210-1.

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