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Pareve Kenwood bowl washed in milky dishwasher


If I always wash my pareve plastic Kenwood bowl and pareve metal attachments (dough hook & K-beater) in a milky dishwasher and then use them to make a cake:
1) Can the cake be eaten with meat?
2) Do I have to wait 6hrs after eating meat before having the cake?
3) Can I use the kenwood bowl and attachments to bake bread/challos?




  1. You may use the bowl and attachments to make a cake and the cake may be eaten with meat. The reason is because the Kenwood bowl and attachments are not imparting taste to the cake batter. (Even if it would, if they are not a ben yomo it would be permitted).
  2. You do not have to wait 6 hours, since we only have to wait six hours before eating actual milk, but not before eating food that has absorbed milk taste. Besides as mentions previously, there isn’t any milk taste going into the cake from the attachments.
  3. You may make challas with the attachments etc. an it s not going to make the bread to be considered milky, again because the attachment never became milky.

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