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Follow-up Up on Baby Wipes


To follow-up on your answer regarding baby wipes on Jan 13, ’17:

If one saturates the baby wipe (or tissue for that matter) with water, then gently strokes the skin so that the water is applied to the skin rather than squeezed out, and afterwards wipes the skin with a dry cloth or tissue, would that be forbidden on Shabbat (whether for oneself or a baby)?


Technically if the person will indeed do as you are saying then it would be alright. Practically though, to wipe a dirty area on a baby will not remove the dirt by just gently stroking the area, and eventually the person will end up applying pressure and squeezing out the baby wipe.

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  1. There is available completely dry wipes what can be used with a cleansing spray (not to spray on the wipe) in the kosher supermarkets in the monsey new york area .

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