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Obligation to obey one’s parents


I saw an question on the site in which you answered that when there is a loss, one need not obey their parents when it comes to things which are not physically related to the parents. Would a loss also imply a loss in limed haTorah? Is someone allowed to do something that would enhance or lengthen their time learning when their parents don’t want them to do that thing? If so, is it included in the heter in general to move to a different yeshiva against one’s parents wishes?



Technically a child does not have to listen to his parent if the child feels that it is better for his learning to be in a different yeshiva. However from a practical aspect it is possible that the parent see things differently than the child, and it might just be best for the child growth to listen to his parents. Therefore a child should not go to a yeshiva that his parent object to, without first speaking it over with his rabbeim, who are older and more experienced in life, and would be able to advise him, and give his correct guidance according to his individual situation and needs.

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Y:D 240-13.

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