I recently started having terrible migraines. The pain is very intense even with medication. I have one now and the pain is blinding. I can’t focus on anything else. Is there a way to handle this that is spiritually good? Please help.


Your reaction to this nisayon is remarkable! Yes there are  a few ways to handles this in order to make it a spiritually good experience. The first way is by doing exactly what you are doing- looking to gain spiritually from the difficult experience, keeping your head above water, and not letting yourself succumb to the pain. Another way is to simply say that if this is what H-shem wants then it must be to my benefit and accept it. A third way is to daven that H-shem, who is the ultimate ruler of the world, that He should help you pass through this difficulty, and take it away.

Keep up the good work and keep strong.. your doing great!

… and H-shem should send you a refuah shleima.

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