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Davening in front of a picture of a woman


Is one allowed to say a bracha in front of a picture of a woman who is not tznius, and by scale it would be more than a tefach, but in actuality it is less than a tefach (because the picture is small)?


There are two issues regarding saying brachos or davening in front of exposed ervah, the actual prohibition of “lo yirei b’cha ervas davar”, and because davening in such a place causes immodest thoughts, (hirhur) and during davening  we have to be extra careful about this. A picture is not actual ervah, therefore the first issue will not apply. However the second issue will apply, even if the amount that is exposed is less than 3 to 4 inches, as it still causes improper thoughts. Therefore it would be permitted to daven or say brachos with your eyes closed, as then there will be no issue of hirhur.

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