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playing piano during aveilus


I am at the beginning of my aveilus for my father, z”l and I am a piano player. I’m not a professional, but it is s significant hobby. When my mother z”l passed away I stopped playing for the year and lost a lot of ability that I had to relearn. If my goal is to play so I can retain my skill, does that make it alright to play? It feels as though losing my father is enough loss and I don’t want to cut this other thing out of my life that really does bring me comfort and peace


Hamakom yinachem eshem btoch shar aveiei tzion v’yerushalayim.

Regarding your question. There is room to be lenient to play a musical instrument if it is for parnassa reasons, but not if it is only for a hobby. However in general if a person is in aveilus and they need to play the music in order to help them with depression or feeling down it is permitted.

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