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Pasta with cheese cooked in a meat pot and placed in dairy plates


Dear Rabbi, I accidentally cooked pasta with cheese in a meat pot and then placed the pasta with cheese onto dairy plates. Can you please tell me what should be done with the pot and lid, as well as the plates and cutlery?

Thank you,


If the pot was not used within the last 24 hours, or even if you are not sure about it we can assume that it wasn’t. Therefore he absorbed taste in the pot is an aino ben yomo, which in retrospect will not make the pasta treif. Then the plates and cutlery are fine. The pot though will need to be kashered. the reason for this is because a kli that is not a ben yomo b’dieved will not prohibit the food that was cooked inside it. However the meaty pot did get the taste of the cheese so it has to be kashered.

If you know that the pot was used in the last 24 hours, then the pot needs to be kashered. The plates and cutlery should also preferably be kashered. If the plates are of a material that can not be kashered, then they can be used b’dieved even without kashering them.  The reason for this is because they are only a kli sheini, and in an instance that a kli sheini can not be kashered we are leneint.


Shulchan Aruch Y:D 94-4, Rema Y:D 68-11, Pri Megadim M:Z ibid 9, Sharei Tzion 447-20.

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