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Do you have to tovel a glass 1.5 gallon water dispenser, if I reassemble it?


Hi, I bought a 1.5 gallon glass water container that has a plastic spigot on the bottom, to dispense water/beverages. We don’t like the stock spigot and bought a stainless steel spigot. So I’m going t disassemble it (so that it will be without any spigot), and then install the metal spigot. Is that enough of an assembling that I shouldn’t tovel it?


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Interesting question. Looking at the picture that you sent, it is hard for me to tell what it is. Is that the spigot that is still attached or after you removed it? In any case if the plastic spigot is built in a way that it isn’t meant to be removed, then removing it makes the container unusable and when you put in your own spigot it is considered as if you made the container, and it wouldn’t need tevila. If the spigot unscrews, (your picture doesn’t look like that is the case) then it is questionable.

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  1. Hi, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear about the picture. The picture is how I received the glass jar from the store. The plastic spigot is lightly screwed in, but the wrong way. (the spout is inside the container instead of outside the container). So they intend me to unscrew the spout (make it unusable for a minute), and then rescrew the plastic spout right side out, and tighten it to be functioning.

    (Maybe since they intend me to do this procedure, it doesn’t qualify as a real shviras kli and then making the kli?)

    1. Since it is only a screw and t is something that anyone can do and not only a professional, it is hard to call this “broken” therefore you should tovel it, but without a bracha.

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