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What bracha do I make on burgol?


What bracha do I make on burgol?


The bracha on bulgul would be the same as eating barley or wheat kernels. If the kernels are broken and not whole then the bracha would be mezonos. If however the kernels are whole (even without the shells or husks), then it depends on how it was prepared. If the burgul was cooked as a dish and the grains disintegrated, even slightly, or the grains are sticking together, then the bracha would also be mezonos. However if they are still whole, and not sticking together then the bracha would be hoadomo.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 208-4, M:B 14, Sharei Habracha pg. 539.

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    1. If the bracha rishona is mezonos (as in most cases) the bracha achrona will be al hamichya. If however it will be hoadomo, then it is questionable and it should only be eaten during a meal or eat something else together with it to exempt an al hamichya and borei nefashos

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