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Tucking Beard in on Shabbos


Would there be any issues tying a beard on shabbos? What if you used pins to hold it in place? Thanks.


What you mean by tying your beard is not actually tying it, but rolling it up and folding it under your chin so that it would hang down too long, but you aren’t actually tying it. It is not Mileches Kosher (tying knots), because you are not knotting and twisting the hairs in a way that makes a knot. The pins hold the hairs in place but not it a tied fashion, and that is not an issue. You may also walk outside with these pins in your beard, but you should only put in the amount needed.

What you do have to be careful about, is not to tie your beard when it is wet, (after the mikvah) because you will inevitably squeeze water out from between the hairs, which is included in sechita. You also have to be careful to do it very gently, and that you shouldn’t pull out any hairs when tying it, because if you end up pulling the hairs some of them will come out (Tolesh). Additionally you may not apply any spray etc. to help the beard keep its shape, as that would be boneh.


Piskei Tshuvos 303-17, Shiras Shabbos Khilchoso 14 – 54, Kitzos Hashulchan 146-21 says that folding a beard may be boneh because it is giving it a shape. However see Nishmas Shabos 4- 267 who says that it isn’t similar to braiding hair or curling peyos because the hairs are not noticeable and does not look like boneh. R’ Y. Cahen shlit”a also said that it is not an issue of boneh,

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